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29th October 2014- After a run of unsuccessful trips do to the weather and very shy whales, we finally had an absolutely wonderful outing. The sea was flat and the air was still and we had some lovely guests on board Orca 2. We were only 15 minutes out of the harbour before we spotted a 200 strong pod of bottlenose dolphins, already leaping around and making a splash. They stayed with us for quite some time, and then all of a sudden a humpback whale appeared among the pod, with a calf and juvenile in tow. Eventually we moved on and got another group of humpback whales; about 6 adults and 2 calves, all randomly swimming around what looked like a penguin baitball, though these whales do not tend to feed on fish it almost looked like they were circling the action in anticipation. What a fantastic morning! Click here to check out more of our latest sightings and take a look at our photos!


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Whale Watching in South Africa with Raggy Charters



Welcome to Raggy Charters in combination with the Baywatch Marine Conservation Project, offering expertly guided whale watching and African penguin watching cruises in South Africa.

Funds generated from whale watching boat cruises, African penguin boat cruises and other marine eco-tours with Raggy Charters are used to fund the Baywatch Project and the Penguin Research Fund. Raggy Charters are the only licensed boat-based whale watching permit holder in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This permit allows us to approach cetaceans up to 50 metres (no one else may approach closer than 300 metres) and if the cetaceans wish to approach closer and are thus in control of the encounter we do not have to move away.

Raggy Charters undertakes regular beach clean-ups in the Port Elizabeth area and has started an initiative to offset our carbon footprint by planting one indigenous tree for every boat cruise we do.

Our wildlife and whale watching boat cruises possibly cover the longest distance of any ocean safari along the South African coast, lasting for 3-4 hours and covering 50km. This provides guests with a better chance of seeing the full array of marine wildlife Algoa Bay has to offer. Please note that sea sickness tablets and bottled water can be purchased as you arrive at the yacht club, but be sure to organise this immediately for the tablets to take full effect before departure.

Port Elizabeth is a hidden gem in South Africa for whale watching, and other wildlife viewing. With seasonal visits from Southern right whales, humpback whales, and indo-pacific humpback dolphins. We have the largest breeding colony of African penguins in the world right on our doorstep. As well as our other resident species including bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, bryde's whales, Cape gannets and more. All year round we at Raggy Charters can offer guests some great wildlife viewing experiences in our secret and undisturbed bay.

As far as we are aware we are also the oldest marine eco tour company combined with a conservation project in Africa – since 1992. We are owner run and managed and use the volunteer system to assist in our tours and projects. We specialise in taking tourists, photographers, corporate office party groups, TV crews and marine wildlife enthusiasts on ocean safaris to watch the whales, dolphins, penguins and other natural wonders of Algoa Bay.

Almost all boat cruises are personally led by knowledgeable conservationist, wildlife educator and marine safari specialist Lloyd Edwards, who comes highly recommended by the BBC as your tour guide around the Port Elizabeth coast. Read more about the BBCs work in Port Elizabeth with Lloyd Edwards.

The Safety Authority certified 28-foot and 35-foot catamaran cruisers were specially built for Eastern Cape sea conditions and are licensed to carry 10 and 20 passengers subject to a minimum of 4 passengers (if you are less we will try and fit you in with another group).


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Please feel free to book via email, as they will all be personally responded to in order to suit your needs.

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  • raggy_charters_pe_lilizela_evening_lloyd_lorien_resized_740x492.jpg More Successful 2014 For Raggy Charters
    3rd November 2014
    Raggy Charters have had a great 2014 with award wins and outstanding achievements and recently had a celebratory evening with all of our supporters to show our thanks!
  • dsc_0002_740x490.jpg More Raggy Charters 2015 Calendar Now Available!
    30th October 2014
    Raggy Charters, and The Baywatch Project, release a calendar every year devoted to the marvelous marine life of Algoa Bay. This year the profits will go towards the Penguin Research Fund and the Algoa Bay Hope Spot!
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