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So Algoa Bay is really living up to it's reputation of being the Bottlenose Dolphin Capital of the World with a fantastic sighting of 400 of these creatures. We found them at Lover's Lane on the western side of St Croix Island. The sea was fairly calm and we were able to get some lovely wide angle shots of the school. It is always very difficult to get the whole school in the photo at once as large groups like this are always very spread out. Remember that when you are counting dolphins, for every one on the surface, there are at least another two beneath. You must then multiply all the ones you see in a given area by 3 in order to get the correct number. Lover's Lane is a great place for the dolphins to relax, as they have 180 degrees of island to protect them from sharks and killer whales and the sea is only 8 metres deep, preventing shark attack from below. This is very conducive to mating and hence the name Lovers Lane.

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Whale Watching in South Africa with Raggy Charters



Welcome to Raggy Charters in combination with the Baywatch Marine Conservation Project, offering expertly guided whale watching, dolphin watching and African penguin watching cruises in South Africa. Raggy Charters is the only licensed boat-based whale and dolphin watching permit holder in the Port Elizabeth area.

IMPORTANT: According to the Marine Living Resources Act of 1988 (Amended 4 July 2008), no person may carry on a boat-based whale watching or dolphin watching operations, except on the authority of a permit... Furthermore, no person shall advertise, or cause to be advertised, boat-based whale watching or dolphin watching operations or services... Any person (including passengers) who contravene the above regulations are liable on conviction, to a fine not exceeding R300 000.00, or to imprisonment not exceeding two years.


Book an exciting and educational Penguin Patrol day out if you are as mad about penguins as we are and want to help save them, as well as finding whales, dolphins, seals and other marine life in Algoa Bay! We will go out on a boat trip in the morning in search of as much wildlife as possible and then the rest of the day will be filled with a visit to SAMREC and Bayworld!


Looking for accommodation during your visit to Port Elizabeth? Stay with the Raggy Charters team out in the coastal village of Seaview, with beautiful beach/ocean views from every room. Receive 20% off your accommodation if you join us for an ocean safari!


Need transportation to get to the harbour for your booked cruise? We can arrange that for you with the friendly & trusted shuttle services we work with!


Please note that sea sickness tablets are recommended for all boat cruises!


Click here to report ghost gear (read about the WCA's Ghost Gear Initiative)


Almost all boat cruises are personally led by knowledgeable conservationist, wildlife educator and marine safari specialist Lloyd Edwards, who comes highly recommended by the BBC as your tour guide around the Port Elizabeth coast. Read more about the BBCs work in Port Elizabeth with Lloyd Edwards.



Please feel free to book via email, as they will all be personally responded to in order to suit your needs.

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