The Raggy Charters Fleet

Orca 2- Our 35-foot catamaran able to carry 20 passengers plus 2 crew. Built in 2002 to take guests in to the beautiful waters of Algoa Bay and show off both the St Croix Island and Bird Island groups, with the largest breeding colony of African penguins in the world and the largest gannetry on the planet. This vessel was designed to get guests up close and personal with these incredible animals! (and is our back up whale watching vessel).


Orca 2 Orca 2 with Humpback Whale


Winkle- Our 28-foot catamaran able to carry 12 passengers plus 2 crew. Winkle was built in 2011 to help us with our vital penguin research we have been carrying out in Algoa Bay since 2008. Our research in to the decline of the african penguin has proven the cause to be overfishing of sardine and anchovie populations, which can be monitored with this research vessel. It is also our designated whale watching vesse, with which we can get 50 metres away from the ocean's giants! 


Winkle Winkle at St Croix


Both boats are SAMSA certified and were specifically designed with the Eastern Cape ocean conditions in mind, to make them as comfortable as possible for our guests!


Orca 2 with Southern Right Whale Winkle with Bottlenose Dolphins
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