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Book on Algoa Bay

Lloyd Edwards has recently published a book entitled "Scenes from Algoa Bay" which is a photographic guide to the whales, dolphins and seabirds of the bay.

Autographed copies of the book are available after a tour or online by emailing Fogarty's or Raggy Charters.

Scenes From Algoa Bay by Lloyd Edwards book launch  

The Marine Volunteer project

Marine volunteers from all over the world come to work for the Baywatch Marine Conservation Project in Algoa Bay. Established in 1992, The Baywatch Project aims to educate the community, specifically the youth, about the marine environment and the need for its conservatoin and protection, assist organisations responsible for marine law enforcement and marine research, and undertake our own independent research. This is done through the running of a marine eco-tour company, Raggy Charters, which allows volunteers hands-on experience as a marine guide and also operating and maintaining a boat. Profits from Raggy Charters go directly to The Baywatch Project and the Penguin Research Fund. Click here to read about how The Baywatch Project began.


The Baywatch Calendar



Raggy Charters and The Baywatch Project bring out a yearly calendar which captures various scenes of whales, dolphins, seals and sea birds of Algoa Bay.

This stunning production is as suited for the home as for the office and makes an ideal corporate as well as a personal gift item.

For more information about the calendar please contact us.



Lloyd Edwards is a keen photographer of marine life and, except where specified, took all the photographs on this website.

Copyright in these photos resides in him but he has no objection to their being used to promote marine conservation anywhere provided there is a suitable acknowledgement and link back to Raggy Charters.

Should anyone wish to use one of his photos for commercial purposes or on a website which has a commercial purpose they should approach Lloyd or Ellie at Raggy Charters to obtain consent.

Lloyd Edwards photo exhibition at Ron Belling Gallery

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