You may be thinking how is POPCORN doing?... well… JUST BEAUTIFULLY!
By Karen Keeton

Saturday, 25th November 2023

Popcorn, the first Albino Bottlenose Dolphin to be sighted in Algoa Bay and African waters is growing beautifully and seems to be strong and healthy. Popcorn was born early March 2023 and was first spotted on one of our tours on the 4th April and again on 10th June. 

We have since seen Popcorn on the 12th Sept 2023 when the Killer Whale Research Team were with us.

And again last month on the 25th October 2023 during a tour with very happy guests. The excitement on board is exhilarating and contagious when Popcorn is spotted. Smiles all around, all taking in what a privilege it is to see such a rare cetacean in the wild.

Popcorn is just one of about 20 Albino Dolphins to have ever been sighted around the world. He/she (we do not know the sex yet) is doing well with its family pod here in our very special Algoa Bay.

Just the first pic today is Lloyd's when pop corn was first spotted, the other images taken on the 25th October are not perfectly clear as taken with a phone – but we love them and wanted to share them anyway. Thank you Patricia Hilbig for the snaps you managed to get – not an easy task.

Lloyd and Jake are currently in Australia attending the White Shark Global Conference.
The aim of the conference is to: “provide an in-person forum for the white shark community to meet, share ideas, update information and report on the progress of recent scientific studies. The last white shark-focused conference was in 2010. A wealth of new studies has been undertaken since, creating a need to share research advancements, and updates on current human impacts and conservation outcomes.” 
We are excited and interested to hear about all when they are back.





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