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Thank you to Chris Fallows for the images

 Shark Cage Diving in Port Elizabeth, offered by Raggy Charters, provides our guests with the exhilaration of viewing one of nature's most respected apex predator, the Great White Shark, in a truly picturesque and remote area where few people have ever ventured.


We feel privileged to be the first operator to offer a Shark Cage Diving experience in Algoa Bay Port Elizabeth. The aim of this tour is to unlock the far reaches of Algoa Bay and offer more than a shark cage diving tour by showcasing the biodiversity of this remote Island Group. Our guests on board will have the opportunity to encounter and learn about a wide variety of marine species from the endangered African Penguin and iconic Bottlenose Dolphin, through to the magnificent though often misunderstood Great White Shark.

Our Shark Cage Diving Tour is an all-inclusive full day tour that covers every corner of Algoa Bay from April to September.  We meet at 7am at the Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club (NMBYC) in the Port Elizabeth Harbour departing shortly after and returning at about 5pm.

This tour is a combination of 5 parts with us spending equal amounts of time at each to enjoy all to the fullest:

  • Starting with a run out into the deep water off Port Elizabeth where high numbers of Migratory Humpback Whales pass our coastline.
  • Make the 80km run across the mouth of the bay stopping to observe any Sardine run action we find along the way.
  • Visit the historically rich Bird island Group home to 250,000 Cape Gannets, the largest breeding colony of these birds on the planet. The 19 hectare island is fairly flat which allows our guests excellent views of the gannet colony, African penguins and the lighthouse. The Bird Island group consists of Stag Island, Seal Island, and Black Rocks. Black Rocks is home to 4,000 playful fur seals,
  • Stop near Bird Island for our educational Shark Cage Diving and topside viewing experience and enjoy a packed lunch 
  • Run inshore to the Alexandria Dune-field (the longest mobile dune-field in the world) which is our favorite place to observe Bottlenose Dolphins Surfing the waves. The pristine backdrop of the dunes makes for some once in a lifetime photographic opportunities. and lastly visit St Croix Island (home to the Bay's breeding African Penguin colony.

The delicious eats for our guests to enjoy.  (Please advise of special dietary requirements on booking)

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Shark Cage Diving


This tour is tailored to fit anyone with a love for nature or the marine environment wishing to take the path less traveled. Over the years very few people have had the opportunity to visit Bird Island Algoa Bay. This area is unrivaled for its aesthetic beauty and Biodiversity. The sheer number of different species that can be observed in a single day is astonishing. Whether you are a wildlife photographer, bird watcher, avid whale watcher or shark enthusiast, Bird Island, Algoa Bay is the place to be.

Our Boat:

For this tour we use our 11 meter Butt-Cat called ‘My China’. This vessel is locally built and specifically designed for spending a full day on the ocean with comfortable seating and a shade cover. The catamaran type hull increases stability and comfort whilst cruising and at anchor. The sides of the boat are free of fittings allowing for easy viewing and a viewing platform on top of the cabin provides a 360 degree view with added height for those who are eager to help spotting or get a great view and photo opportunity of any action around the boat. A platform at the back of the boat houses our three-man cage for the Shark Cage Diving section of the tour. 

Shark Cage Testing:

During our visits to Bird Island in 2020 we took the opportunity to test and fine tune our three man cage. Once we were happy with the rigging and flotation of the cage we could not wait to get in the water. With four sharks around the boat there was never going to be a better time to take the plunge. We jumped into our wetsuits and stepped down into the cage. With the recessed hand and foot rails we felt both safe and comfortable inside the cage. We were barely in the water when we heard the instruction "DOWN!" Our first look at a white shark underwater was a good one with a 3.5m shark gliding effortlessly past the front of the cage. We were then aww-struck by our surroundings. With the shadows of the sharks passing over the sandy bottom bellow us, the visible reef teeming with fish and large yellowtail eyeing us in the cage, we did not want to get out.   

Please note that a "bottom cage" can be arrangd for film crews.

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You may be wondering about the effects of shark cage diving on the sharks - here is an interesting read: 


Thank you to the Reeder family for these photographs and video of their experience with us in June 2021



Please note that our rates are the same for those that enter the cage and those who choose to view from topside only.

  • Adults: USD500 (Minimum of four people required) at ZAR exchange rate of the day - excl VAT
  • Children of 12 years: USD350 (Minimum age for entering the cage is 12yrs and must be accompanied by an adult) at ZAR exchange rate of the day - excl VAT
  • This tour is not advised for children under 12yrs, please enquire for exceptions.
  • Discounts apply for groups of 10 or more.
  • Gift Vouchers are available for purchase online which make a great gift.
  • Local please esquire about our concession rates for those earning South African Rands.
  • Please email us directly to make a booking.
  • We require your availability for a period of 3 days from which we will choose the best weather day to take you on your marine adventure.
  • We can assist you in booking accommodation and other activities near Port Elizabeth to fill your remaining two days. We highly recommend visits to some of the world-renowned game reserves in our area. Port Elizabeth is the only place in the world where you have the Big 5 on land and a variety of marine life in such close proximity.


Raggy Charters cannot guarantee animal sightings on any cruise. Raggy Charters offers guests the opportunity to view wild animals which will move around at their own will and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the movements of these animals. Guests who are taken to St Croix are guaranteed to see African penguins, and therefore no refund will be given if other marine animals are not spotted. If absolutely no animals are sighted compensation, in the form of a free ticket for the next boat trip, may be given at the discretion of the skipper.

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