About Raggy Charters

As far as we are aware we are also the oldest marine eco tour company combined with a conservation project in Africa – since 1992. We are owner run and managed and use the volunteer system to assist in our tours and projects. We specialise in taking tourists, photographers, corporate office party groups, TV crews and marine wildlife enthusiasts on ocean safaris to watch the whales, dolphins, penguins and other natural wonders of Algoa Bay.

Our wildlife and whale watching boat cruises possibly cover the longest distance of any ocean safari along the South African coast, lasting for 3-4 hours and covering 50km. This provides guests with a better chance of seeing the full array of marine wildlife Algoa Bay has to offer.

Port Elizabeth is a hidden gem in South Africa for whale watching, and other wildlife viewing. With seasonal visits from Southern right whales, humpback whales, and indo-pacific humpback dolphins. We have the largest breeding colony of African penguins in the world right on our doorstep. As well as our other resident species including bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, bryde's whales, Cape gannets and more. All year round we at Raggy Charters can offer guests some great wildlife viewing experiences in our secret and undisturbed bay.


Funds generated from whale watching boat cruises, African penguin boat cruises and other marine eco-tours with Raggy Charters are used to fund the Baywatch Project.

Raggy Charters undertakes regular beach clean-ups in the Port Elizabeth area and has started an initiative to offset our carbon footprint by planting one indigenous tree for every boat cruise we do.

Terms & Conditions

If you book a tour, the following terms and conditions may apply. By using the facilities that we have provided, you implicitly agree to these conditions. 

For some bookings we may require a deposit be paid in advance, the balance of which is to be paid on or before the day of your tour.

A cancellation fee will be applied to these bookings should you not join the tour, or cancel less than 48 hours before the tour is set to commence.

Should the tour not go ahead due to adverse weather conditions a full refund will be given.

Should the tour be unable to take place due to any unforeseen reason (weather, cancellations etc.) we will endeavour to notify guests the night before.

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