summary of current projects

STS Bunkering vs Endangered African Penguin ( more)

The endangered African penguin is under threat of extinction and careless oil spills caused by ship to ship bunkering has to stop. Due to our efforts the Minister has ordered a comprehensive risk assessment of STS Bunkering.


Whale Entanglements ( more)

Every year, scores of whales, dolphins and other marine life become entangled in fishing ropes, fishing gear or “ghost nets”. In South Africa, most of the whale entanglements are caused by fishing ropes that are attached to pot and trap gear, such as used in the lobster fishery. We will call on Government to implement rope-less technology in this fishery and protect our marine life for us and our future generation. No more Ropes! Please sign the petition


Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whale Migration Route (SHHWMR)  ( more)  

We continue to build and grow this project bringing awareness to all on the migration. Working together with Marine Establishments along the African Coast, this year going as far as Gabon on the West Coast and Kenya on the East Coast.


Live Shark Project  ( more)

Uncontrolled long-line fishing is killing off our smaller shark species, a vital food source for large sharks. More regulations have been put in place due to our petition. Hopefully this will ease pressure on sharks although we still need to monitor the situation. 


Education  ( more)

Educating SA’s youth of the importance of marine life and the effects of plastic pollution. Living by “Conservation through Education”. We try and speak at as many schools as we can reach and at local beach cleanups and events.


Tree Planting  ( more) and Spekboom Whale Community Project ( more)

Raggy Charters prides itself in ‘putting back’, in order to eliminate our carbon emissions we plant at least one tree for every cruise we do, we are now going to get our guests involved and they too become actively part of this project. The “Spekboom Whale” was created this last year with a community planting day that will be added to by guests and locals.


Sunfish Research with UCT and Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation (... read more)
So good to be part of other projects happening around the country. Ocean Sunfish are a unique family of fish found all over the world. There are 5 species, all of which have been identified in South African waters. Up until recently, very little has been known about these fish. Project is to investigate the patterns of occurrence and distribution of ocean sunfish throughout South African waters.


Beach Clean-ups  ( more)

Our main aim is to focus on stopping the production and distribution of the plastic waste in addition to picking it up.  A never-ending task regularly done in Gqeberha by various organisations to keep our city clean. We look forward to the new Plastic Waste Minimization Guide for Tourists developed by SST, Discover Mandela Bay Tourism Partners and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism.

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Other Projects  ( more)

Books written by Owner and Founder Lloyd Edwards, our Annual Calendar funding conservation. Thank you to all guests, associates, family and friends for your support and contribution

Volunteer for the Algoa Baywatch  ( more)

Help us make a difference! 


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