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The team at Raggy Charters are dedicated to educating the public about the marine environment and the need to conserve it! It is especially important to target our youth so that they can learn about the beautiful bay that they live in and hopefully encourage them to play a vital role in the future by conserving it. Every year Lloyd Edwards, the owner of Raggy Charters, and his staff, will visit various schools, universities, organisations and clubs to show them the spectacular wildlife that we have in Algoa Bay, by showing them photographs taken during our marine eco-cruises.

Raggy Charters targets the underprivileged children by visiting different schools in the Port Elizabeth area and showing them the wildlife in the bay, educating them about the problems some of these animals are encountering and asking them what can they do to help. A huge part of this education programme is getting these kids to come out and see the bay for themselves. We run a competition at each school asking the class to draw a marine animal, and we select the best drawings from the group and invite that child to join us on a cruise for free! Show a child a wild animal; a penguin, dolphin, whale etc. and they will remember it forever. Our hope is that these kids grow up remembering about these animals and the problems they face, and then do something to help! 

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We are also part of Marine Week every year, at SANNCOB, where hundreds of school children visit the centre and learn about the different aspects of the marine environment. This initiative allows for disadvantaged schools to get involved as we fund the transportation to SANNCOB, which is in the beautiful Cape Recife Nature Reserve. So they also get to go to the beach, which many may have never done before, and learn about the different eco-systems of the ocean.

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We ask everyone that listens to our talks to think about what they can do in their life to make a difference to the world. A lot of children do not realise the impact that litter can have on the environment so it is vital to get through to them at a young age 'Don't Litter!' They can spread this awareness at home, to friends and to other members of their family, and if everyone starts making little changes to help, we may start to see a difference :)


On 16th June 2019 we held our 2nd Celebrating the Arrival Of The Whales Festival and included participation of youth from various schools in Port Elizabeth.  As part of the education program we went to various schools and taught about plastic polution and the effect it is having on the ocean and marine life.  The scholars made posters, did clean-ups and built floats from the plastic waste collected and paraded proudly along Marine Drive to our Festival venue.  After the event the children disassembled the floats and the plastic was sent for recycling.  The whole process enjoyed very much by the children.   

Click on the  picture below to read more about the Arrival of the Whales Festival 2019. 

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The 2020 and 2021 Education Progam and Welcoming the Whales Festivals were sadly disrupted by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We did however manage to get to Cape St Francis in between levels of Covid-19 regulations on the 14th June 2021.  Jake Keeton and Purity Khosa had a wonerful morning with the children of Sea Vista Primary School educating them on the Whales and the Whale Migration.  Purity has a wonderful way of chatting to the children and all enjoyed the morning. Big thank you to Anita Lennox of Cape St Francis Resort and Hantie of St Francis Tourism for organising, hosting and accommodating Jake and Purity for this event.  2022 Promises to be a wonderful year with all we are working towards for the children while business is quiet. 




 14 November 2021 ZSports AQUELLé Kuhle Series 2021/2022 Kids events


Jake had a great morning chatting to the aQuellé Kuhle Series children at the race prize giving about the importance of Marine Conservation. We are proud to be part of such a great event and donated vouchers to lucky winners who will enjoy a cruise with our team and learn first hand about the marine life in Algoa Bay.  We look forward to assisting with more such events soon!   

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Click here for more pics from this fit and funfilled event

19 November 2021 a wonderful collaboration with Bophelo Impilo development centre

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Click here to read more about this fun event

on earth day 22 april 2022 we joined up with the giving them wings foundation

A group of Grade 10 learners from Mfesane High School in Gqeberha enjoyed an educational tour out into the bay.

Click here to see and read more about the day's activity



 As 2022 progresses and the Covid-19 Pandemic becomes less of a concern, we managed to venture further and had a Pre-Whale Festival Educational day with children in Kenton-On-Sea.  Purity being the instigator and joining up with Nomawthu from the Kariega Foundation, and with the assistance of Jennie Bowen all came together.  Thanks also go to Tom and Chris of Kenton Round Table.

A note from Purity: "Thank you so much Jenny and Noma for organising the first marine conservation lecture on the 11th of May 2022. Myself and our NMU interns Lilitha and Nosihle, taught the children about the marine animals that we see on our tours with beautiful photos taken by Jake and Lloyd. The focus was on whales and their migration routes, and possible marine careers the children may consider. After the lecture, the children designed posters from what they learnt. 15 winning posters were selected and the prize wineers enjoyed an educational boat cruise in the Kariega river mouth arranged by NRF/SAEON, and other educational activities at the beach on the 8th of June 2022."

Kenton-On-Sea Educational Talk and Activities


So Purity our guide, celebrated her World Oceans Day, 8th June 2022, and the Welcoming the Whales Festival in Kenton on Sea, learning about and exploring  the Kariega river mouth with local school children from the Kariega Foundation, Children from Carriage Rock College, field guide interns from Sibuya Game Reserve and Scientists from SAEON-NRF (South African Environmental Observation Network).

We all learne about phytoplankton and it's importance and identified microorganisms on microscopes. We explored rock pools and identified species that live there including fish, star fish, crabs, octopuses. On the boat, the children learnt a lot about the boats and all that goes with it. How an estuary functions and it's importance to us and the marine animals.

All thanks everyone who made this day possible.

World Oceans Day Fun with Sibuya & NRF/SAEON


Collegiate ECo-Club INformative talk and Cruise presented by Jake and Purity in May 2022

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debe valley primary school, middledrift visit pe and Raggy Charters 28 Sept 2022

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walter sisulu university 2nd yr environmental students enjoy a talk by Purity (sadly no pics) and a cruise 25 October 2022.  Thank you to Nontuthuzelo of Uzuko Tours for coordinating this afternoon venture for the 80 students.

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Jake Keeton presents Raggy Charters and Algoa Baywatch to an intrigued and interested audience at theodore herzl 20 November 2022

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Raggy Charters chat with Children assisted by Mosaic - Piecing Lives Together 7 June 2023         we are very excited to be working with Mosaic and the retrade project - watch this space for exciting things to come

Halfway through last year Raggy Charters, ReTrade and Mosaic NPO joined forces in the battle against plastic and in favour the ocean life in Algoa Bay, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth).

Raggy Charters, a whale and dolphin watching organization and initiator of many environmental and educational projects, and ReTrade, a recycle and educational initiative, found each other in an educational/conservational project. Teaching children about the importance of the rich and beautiful ocean life in Algoa Bay and the devastating influence of plastic on that same ocean life & ecosystem. Showing the children both sides, teaching them about marine life and about recycling. The aim is to raise awareness of the huge problem that plastic is, what is the effect on nature, and especially how each and every one of them can make a positive contribution to conservation and their future!  

We started the project at Mosaic (NPO), a heartfelt initiative in orphan-care, that use a systemic approach, not only to help these children in their circumstances, but also giving them all kinds of (creative) lessons to find their real talents, grow in their self-esteem and stand up. Mosaic has already started, in a small way with recycling, but want to do way more with this. Thus, Mosaic has joined the ReTrade and Raggy Charters educational and recycling project!

Purity, head guide at Raggy Charters and Annemieke, volunteer from the Netherlands, visited Mosaic and shared an interactive presentation about the incredible wildlife in Algoa Bay, the backyard of these children. Thereafter we organized a clean-up around the school for the three highest grades. Every one of the children got (recycled) plastic bags and gloves (thanks to SST Africa!) as their safety is important. How necessary this clean-up was! There was so much rubbish and plastic everywhere, we could hardly handle it. The children ‘saw it’ for the first time, now fully aware of why it is not good to litter. The enthusiastic children worked tirelessly, picking up everything and cleaning their own environment with pride. And next to cleaning up, one of the most important lessons was learnt: the awareness that all this rubbish shouldn’t be out there at all. The rubbish that was thrown into nature all around them was a ‘norm’ and part of their surroundings…

Two weeks later we organized a third event, at the harbour of Port Elizabeth. We split the same group in two; one group going on the boat to see the beautiful ocean life with their own eyes; the other group enjoying a presentation in which they were shown and taught about the problem and the solution of our plastic world.

The children not only becoming aware of how much plastic we use in daily life, but also were showed how much the animals in the ocean suffer because of all this plastic. That every human action has a reaction/consequence.  Last but not least: we taught and showed the children how to be aware and to try and use less plastic in their daily life. What to do with the plastic they do use or the plastic they find in their surroundings: RECYCLE!

It was great to see pennies drop with the children, the start of awareness! With going on the boat right after / before the presentation, there was a connection straight away. The problems that plastic present in our surroundings with the creatures that we all want to protect from that plastic became real! Fortunately, both groups were treated by the ocean cruise, getting to experience not only their first outing on the sea, but to also see and enjoy a large pod of dolphins. The children had the time of their life, being on the boat out in the ocean, and seeing these beautiful creatures in the eye sure made a lot of impact and now what we had taught them, made sense.  They now understood the importance of taking action. How big an impact was made was shown when some children were waiting and watching their friends return from their cruise: pointing out to the ocean several times, seeing plastic float, and wanting to retrieve it! Something they didn’t see/notice before as it was ‘normal’ for the rubbish to be there.

There is still so much work to do on this, many schools and children to visit and educate in Port Elizabeth. Next to these lessons, we are raising funds to start a ‘swap shop’ at Mosaic premises. A ‘swap shop’, an inspiring way to encourage children to collect recyclable materials from their surroundings - keeping their area clean this way and giving an example to other locals – and getting back something in return with their earned tokens. The tokens are swapped in the shop for something useful. There are currently other ‘swap shops’ established, and we learnt a lot from them. Once we have enough funding and the necessary assistance from people, we will move on to the next stage!

These few lessons we gave to the children, the combination of getting the children to pick up the rubbish, giving ideas of what they can do with the recyclable rubbish, showing them the damaging effects of the plastic in the ocean and getting them to see the beauty of the marine life first hand – the creatures we want to protect – is invaluable and encourages us to keep going with this project and the battle against plastic in our oceans.

Thank you to The Million Plus Recycling Program for the caps given to all the children.. A reminder to take home and keep the lesson alive.


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 18th July we followed up with the children and the fun continued with a clean up around the school - what a great job done! 

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25 July 2023 we hosted the children with an Educational talk on the marine life and the effects of the plastic waste on the environment and how each of can assist in conserving the oceans. Thank you to the NELSON MANDELA BAY YACHT CLUB for the use of your boardroom - the perfect setting.
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Lastly the very excited children enjoyed  a boat ride with Jake and the crew and the highlight was a pod of bottlenose dolphins.whatsapp_image_20230726_at_13506259918.jpeg whatsapp_image_20230725_at_20.jpeg whatsapp_image_20230726_at_13345737097.jpeg

Thank you to The Million Plus Recycling Program for the caps given to all the children.



11 July 2023 : a morning of fun with pre-schoolers at Tiny-Tots.. interactive learning fun! Thank you to Annemieke Nijdam (Volunteer) for joining us from Holland and assisting with our education programme.

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Jake Keeton chats to the VOETsac hiking club 21 JUNE 2023 - a fun and interesting evening enjoyed by all

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20th & 21st September 2023 Purity and Thembisa joined the children of Westering Primary School on an educational "walk and talk" and clean up.. great fun and lots of learning was had by all.


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7th October 2023 Purity, assisted by Thembisa, spoke to 340 children in a morning at Mount Pleasant Primary School. The first goup of children, grade 1 to grade 3, and second group grade 4 to grade 7, were all so interested, attentive and asked great questions. The educational reach is growing tremendously.

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2024 is off to a great start! 21st February 2024 we hosted KIDEO DAYCARE.

Little toddlers so well behaved and listening the entire time. Cuteness overload!! The children were learning about transport and Purity incorporated the marine life. The children interacted so well and had fun with Purity. Thank you to The Million Plus Recycling Program for the educational colouring in booklets and crayons - The children were so excited to take something home. Thank you to the Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club for the use of their facilities! 

KIDEO Educational 21 FEB 2024



The very next day, 22 February 2024, we enjoyed a day with REST Recycling and Sisonke High School, sponsored by Connected Planet and The Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club

A very big thank you to all. So appreciated to get some aid with our self funded education project. Read more about the day.

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6th March 2024 Jake, Purity, Thuba and Jess continued with their great work educating the youth of PE, They and spent the afternoon with 60 children, 6yrs to 18yrs of age, in Schauderville, PE. We look forward to hosting the children on a boat ride soon.

Youth in Schauderville PE




Various Education Pics from Previous Years


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