Nelson Mandela University offers Tourism Management and we so enjoy having the young enthusiastic students work and train with us. 

Third Year Tourism Management students have to complete the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) module, known as TWI2001. (Previously referred to as Experiential Learning, but the name has changed to keep abreast with development in Vocational Education). For the WIL module, each student is expected to complete at least 816 hours during the first semester.


We are very happy to have 3 young ladies. Lilitha Tyali, Nosihle Mgubu and Unathi Msupu join us this year.

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Lilitha, Thembisa (WESSA Steward), Nosihle and Unathi


Each student has written a brief note about how their time with Raggy Charters is going:



I am Lilitha Tyali, a student from Nelson Mandela University. I am currently pursuing my national diploma in Tourism Management. I am doing an experiential learning with Raggy Charters, which is introducing me to the marine wildlife. It has been 3 months now, and I am getting the best experience in my life. I am having the best time with Raggy Charters.

Nothing quite like seeing whales, dolphins, penguins and other birds frolicking in their natural habitat. I am impressed with the conservation work that the company is doing. Raggy Charters is very conservation conscious and sets an example that many others should follow. Thoroughly, I am enjoying the experience of being in that environment.

Lloyd, Jake, Purity are absolutely fantastic, they are so friendly and nice, they really make everyone feel like they want to make the day as good as possible. They are incredibly knowledgeable and aim to make every cruise an educational experience.  They do such a great job at inspiring people to make a difference as well as educating people with their knowledge and passion about marine life. Each and every time I spend my time with them, they make sure that I learn something. Trips are so much fun, and educational at the same time.

By doing an experiential learning with Raggy Charters educates me about the marine environment and the need to conserve it. I am learning so much about marine wildlife. It also gives me an opportunity to interact with people from different countries, to meet and mingle with people from great variety of cultural backgrounds.  I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to do an experiential learning with Raggy Charters.



My name is Nosihle Mgubu from Bizana.  First I would like to thank Raggy Charters and the team for granting me the opportunity to do my 6 months training with them, I really appreciate it and loving it there on the Marine.

Personally, I  would say my experience is quite good so far because it gave me an opportunity  to get used to doing public speaking which was very challenging as I was very shy, but now I'm proud to say everyday, it gets better and better. Articulation must be good when addressing something to the guests such as the Safety Briefing.  However, as Marine guide or Tour guide I have learnt  that first thing we have to do is make our guests feel comfortable  by being approachable and friendly. Chatting with them makes the trip nice and enjoyable. We have to give them the chance to ask us questions in that way we are learning, especially about the species that we encounter every day on our trips and as an intern I need to also pay attention when my Supervisor is telling the guests about each species. I also have learnt that I have to show dedication in what I am doing, I have to be eager to learn and be active.

Coming to Raggy Charters I would say is a great beginning for me because it has given me the opportunity to meet people from different countries, it has always been my wish to meet people from different places and I would still love to travel and see other places when the opportunity comes. Working with Raggy  Charters and with the groups is amazing, their staff are very nice people, anyone would love to work with them because working with them is easy meaning that they are approachable.

To sum all up. I can say communication is key when dealing with guests and make sure that you deliver what they asked off in order to fulfil their expectations and more.



I am Unathi Msupu. I will be turning 23 in July, and I am from Port St, Johns.

Being with Raggy Charters has been an exciting experience. I am loving it. It’s more fun for me because, one, it was my first time on a boat with and two, it was my first time seeing all the marine animals we’ve been seeing.

I have learnt so much within this short period of time, and I am still learning. I mean, I knew there was a dolphin, whale, penguin and all the other animals that we come across but what I didn’t know prior to being with Raggy Charters is that there are different kinds of each animal. Like Dolphins, there are Indo-Pacific, Common Dolphins and Humpback Dolphins. There are different kinds of whales, penguins and each marine animal. I got to know about all that now. There are many other marine animals we haven’t seen yet, but we are reading and learning about them.

It is super exciting when you read about an animal and then you see it, to put the picture behind what you’ve read about.

I am honestly, genuinely enjoying my training so far. I hope to enjoy it for the duration of my training. Everyone is nice. Purity and Jake made us so comfortable and are always willing to educate us. Because we obviously don’t know everything during trips we ask them questions as well and they tell us without making us feel like maybe we’re dumb. Everyone is really nice, they make the experience more fun and I am always looking forward to work.



Jake and Purity with Nosi and Unathi on interview day


When there are no cruises there is always plenty to do. if not on the boats then on one of our many projects currently running.  Jake, Thembisa, Unathi, Liltha and Nosihle went into the bush and did some alien thicket clearing, part of our Coastal Thicket Restoration Project.  Some back breaking work but all done with smiles and good intentions for conservation.  

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There is much work that goes unseen - the behind the scenes preparation that is on going and keeps all very busy: cleaning boats before every cruise, assisting Jake with engine services, learning safety brieings, preparing educational material, making chum etc, the list goes on... but all done with enthusiasm and smiles!  Thank you

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21 & 22 June: Nosi and Amoré (currently studying Marine Science through Two Oceans Aquarium) attended the Siyaloba Training Academy Pre-Sea Course


Here they learn the basic safety at sea and emergency procedures. The learners complete a practical life raft drill for this SAMSA certificate.
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