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      16 June 2021  Dylan Walker CEO of World Cetacean Alliance:
"We are thrilled to announce that Algoa Bay, South Africa, has become the world's fifth Whale Heritage Site and the second in South Africa, following in the footsteps of The Bluff, Durban. 
Huge congratulations must go to WCA partners Lloyd Edwards, Jake Keeton, Purity Khosa and Karen Keeton of Raggy Charters and the Baywatch Project for their tireless efforts over many years working in collaboration with many other people to protect Algoa Bay and its cetaceans, penguins, sharks, and other marine life."
      PRESS RELEASE:  whspress_release_algoa_bay.pdf


   16 June 2021 Lloyd Edwards
"Becoming a Whale Heritage Site will ensure that visitors to the Algoa Bay marine area are contributing to destinations that celebrate their natural heritage, protect marine wildlife and build a connection between local residents and sea life. In addition to the opportunity to observe sea mammals in the ocean, to attend vibrant festivals and other events that celebrate the marine environment and provide education and inspiration for tourists and locals alike."



To read more about: whale heritage sites

Thank you to the Algoa Bay Whale Heritage Site Steering Committee:

 Lloyd Edwards. Raggy Charters/The Baywatch Project
 Jake Keeton. Raggy Charters/The Baywatch Project
 Purity Khosa. Raggy Charters/The Baywatch Project
 Karen Keeton. Raggy Charters/The Baywatch Project
 Ronelle Friend. Algoa Bay Conservation/Enviro Quest
 Louis Van Aardt. Pro Dive South Africa
 Prof. Pierre Pistorius. Nelson Mandela University
 Prof. Rose Boswell & Dr Jessica Thornton. Nelson Mandela University
 Evans Mkansi.  South African National Parks
Thanks go to the following for their ongoing support:
Siphokazi Ngombane - Acting Director Tourism Marketing Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Doné Louw - Coordinator Trade and Destination Marketing Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Shaun van Eck - Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism & The Tourism Coach
Ronelle Friend & Antonio Bastos - Algoa Bay Conservation  
Stacey Webb - Sustainable Seas Trust
Margot Collet & Stephen van der Spuy - SANCCOB  
Pierre Pistorius - NMMU - Director of Marine Apex Predator Research Unit
Greg Hofmeyr - Curator of PE Museum at Bayworld 
Gary Koekemoer - WESSA  ABB Branch
Morgan Griffiths - WESSA Tourism Blue Flag Project Manager  
Shena Wilmot - PEMBBA
Alan Fogarty - Alan Tours
Alan Stapleton - SPAR EC
Brian Batemen - Exclusive Tours
Louis & Michelle van Aardt - ProDive
Andrew Stewart - Periexpo
Karl Botha - Chairman Addo Tourism








The Community come together to Commemorate Algoa Bay as a Whale Heritage Site and start the Spekboom Whale Project - supporting sustainable tourim.

cropped_logo.pngNov 2020 The Applicaton

Algoa Bay South Africa - Whale Heritage Site Candidate

Raggy Charters has proudly taken on the task of applying for Algoa Bay to be named a Whale Heritage Site.  The process has been long and with much effort from so many people, it is done and our application is in.  With bated breath we await the decision made by a panel of 5 judges from around the world, namely, Denmark, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Pacific Isles. 



Below is a snippit from the Whale Heritage Site website and to read more click here.

you may be wondering What are Whale Heritage Sites?

"Whale Heritage Sites (WHS) recognise outstanding destinations for responsible and sustainable whale and dolphin watching. They provide the travel industry with a clear marker to identify and support sustainable practice, and create a platform for communities to engage with marine culture, heritage and biodiversity.

The Whale Heritage Sites certification programme was established by the World Cetacean Alliance and is currently run in partnership with World Animal Protection. WHS formally recognises destinations around the world that support and demonstrate the importance  of cetaceans through culture, education, research and conservation. 

Whale Heritage Sites give tourists a transparent and easy way to select responsible whale and dolphin watching holiday destinations, encouraging them to experience these incredible animals in their natural habitat, in an authentic and respectful way.

Applications are encouraged from communities and organisations that advocate a real connection between cetaceans and both tourists and locals alike, and actively promote the preservation of cetacean habitats for the benefit of present and future generations."


Raggy Charters would like to thank all those who have assisted in any way to get the applicaton together and submitted.  The letters of support and motivation are truly just WOW.. THANK YOU! 

WCA Whale Heritage Site Candidate Letters of Support & Motivation


The designated site area:

Starting at the Cape Recife Lighthouse point (West point of the Bay) will include the entire Cape Recife Nature Reserve (this is where the whale festival is held annually) 
A 0.5 km coastal strip (Nelson Mandela Bay and Sundays River Valley Municipalities) through to the Swartkops river, including Bluewater Bay continuing on to Sundays river.
Coastal area then increases to 1km from Sundays river to include Alexandria dune field and Wood Cape area, all part of the greater Addo.
Community involvement is underway and gathering momentum with much enthusiasm from many local citizens.  The Algoa Bay WHS Spekboom Whale Community Project already started and research being carried out on the Cultural Heritage of Algoa Bay.. watch this space...

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