Raggy Charters 2015 Calendar Now Available!

Thursday, 30th October 2014
Algoa Bay 2015 Calendar Options Algoa Bay 2015 Calendar Options


Every year The Baywatch Project & Raggy Charters produce a calendar of Algoa Bay! All the photos in the calendar have been taken by Lloyd Edwards during his career in marine conservation and eco-tours. And all the species highlighted can be seen here in the bay. This year the calendar is focusing on the endangered African penguin, as here in Algoa Bay, on St Croix Island, we have the largest breeding colony of these birds in the world. Our own population lost 70% in 7 years, and has thankfully stabilised for the past 3. Raggy Charters co-owner Dr Lorien Pichegru has been conducting research on the penguins since 2008 to try and explain the dramatic decrease and implement ways of reversing the trend. Algoa Bay will also be launched as a Mission Blue 'hope spot' in December 2014, with the African penguin as our iconic species. Algoa Bay was chosen due to its incredible marine biodiversity and wonderful wildlife we have here. So this year the profits from our calendar sales will go directly in to our own Penguin Research Fund and also to help support the Algoa Bay Hope Spot.


A4 Calendar Desk Calendar A3 Calendar


We have three different sizes available. A3 at R180 each, A4 at R120 each and a desktop calendar at R60 each.


Algoa Bay 2015 Calendar Options Algoa Bay 2015 Calendar Options Algoa Bay 2015 Calendar Options


We also have the option have adding your own company logo and distributing it to your clients and staff! We can insert your logo in place of the Raggy Charters logo on every page of the calendar, including company details, at no extra cost.


Corporate Calendar


Please email us to place an order!

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