Video of Sea trials with "My China"

Wednesday, 7th November 2018

Butt Cat Boats presents the first of its kind - 10.1 metre Butt Cat XLW Walk Around. See the below video link.


Raggy Charters recently conducted sea trails on our new 10,1 m (with hull extensions 10,8 m or 35 foot) research / marine eco cruise vessel. We have purposefully kept the boat as light and as simple as possible in order to improve performance and efficiency. Its dry weight is only 4,2 tons, which is incredible for a boat of this size. Atlin Chemicals CC were the sole supplier of resin, fibreglass and foam. Nauti-Tech Suzuki carried out all the fitments.

We were very surprised to get an amazing cruising speed of 25 knots at 4000 rpm. Even more surprising was the top speed of 37 knots! The two Suzuki Marine South Africa 250 hp, V6, 3,8 litre commercially rated 4 stroke outboards provided more than enough power. The boat is incredibly stable in the water even at this speed. The newly developed thinner keel and flared sides also ensures a dry ride.

A big thank you to Henry Olivier Iron Glacier Creative for the images and video.

Raggy Charters launches new vessel, "My China"

Butt Cat BoatsAtlin Chemicals CCSuzuki Marine South Africa and Nauti-Tech Suzuki confirmed their commitment to marine conservation by making generous sponsorships towards the new research and marine eco cruise vessel, "My China". Without their support this venture would not have been possible. The new vessel will greatly increase our marine conservation efforts in our Algoa Bay Hope Spott.

Other sponsors included PPG / Sigma Coatings / Braemar PaintsPG GlassEuro SteelDaltar Print & CopyDynamic Water SportsAlgoa Toyota Port ElizabethRudi Projects CCTalhado Fishing EnterprisesBridgestone SAAlgoa SecurityWillard BatteriesautoXIbhayi SignsTucker Davis Insurance BrokersLa CasualCanvas And Allied Products and Commercial Marine PTY LTD. Your generous support is also much appreciated.

My China is the first of its model and largest of the Butt Cat catamarans. It is nearly 11 metres or 35 foot long. We kept the weight to a low 4,2 tons. It is powered by 2 x 250 hp V6 3,8 litre Suzuki Outboards which are commercially rated.
The launch was held on Tuesday night at the Port Elizabeth Deep Sea Angling Club and attended by 130 people. The MC Graeme Lund Ricochet Publishing introduced all the speakers.

Lloyd Edwards started off by giving a history of the The The Baywatch Project and Raggy Charters - Marine-Eco Cruises. He showed images of all the 5 Butt Cats that have been used over the years. He also showed some images of the marine animals that have been seen in Algoa Bay this year. He mentioned how the proposed shark diving operation would be different from other operators and more science driven and less impacting on the sharks.

Lorien Pichegru, the resident Raggy Charters scientist, spoke about her research that has been done in Algoa Bay over the years. She has written over 40 scientific papers, mainly on the endangered African Penguin. Her efforts went a long way in helping get the Addo Elephant National Park or Greater Addo Marine Protected Area proclaimed.

Ex PE mayor Athol Trollip spoke about Algoa Bay as being Port Elizabeth's greatest asset and as such we had a duty to look after and protect it. It was paramount that we work towards a green metro. He also spoke of his cruise with Raggy Charters and meeting Lorien when we fetched her off St Croix island during her fieldwork there.

The CEO of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, Glenton de Kock spoke on how NMBT had expanded and promoted marine eco tourism in Asia over the last few years. The name "My China" was very fitting. He said that marine ecotourism was the key to developing tourism sustainably and would help stimulate the local economy.

We then all proceeded to the boat and ex CEO of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, Mandlakazi Skefile and Lorien "blessed the ship and all who sail in her" and sprayed champagne onto the bow. We were then treated to local calamari and hake by Nic Gunston from the PEDSAC Restaurant.

A big thank you to Iky Plakanouris for taking photos on the evening as well as keeping the Raggy Charters cameras tip top.


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