Welcoming the Whales to Algoa Bay Festival 2020- Covid-19 Style
By Raggy Charters Team

Tuesday, 16th June 2020

WELCOMING the WHALES to Algoa Bay FESTIVAL 2020 Covid-19 edition!


Covid-19 Style!
just had to show the happy faces! (they did hold their breath)

Welcome to our third annual ‘Welcoming the Whales to Algoa Bay Festival'! We have had to change things up a bit this year instead of canceling our Whale Festival due to COVID-19 regulation, we decided to push on and adapt our festival to suit the current regulations. Our goal is to share our festival information and a number of messages with you online throughout the day and not at a venue.

I would like to thank everyone who attended our first two festivals at Pine Lodge Resort & Conference Centre and to all those who followed our Facebook page on 16th June 2020. We are always blown away by the response from the public of Port Elizabeth and our Facebook followers, you are all greatly appreciated. Lloyd has been welcoming the whales since 2005 and is now happy to formalize this welcoming by means of insightful festivals to be enjoyed by all. https://www.raggycharters.co.za/page/other-projects 


Focus for this Festival is the annual WHALE MIGRATION and the THREATS TO THE OCEAN

There are many threats to our world’s oceans (our blue planet). If we do not take swift and drastic action, we are going to lose much of what we love and rob our future generations of a healthy environment. We believe that one of the main things that is preventing people from helping our oceans today is a lack of insight or information. The idea behind our festivals is to provide the public with a fun yet informative experience that provides them with the information they need to make informed decisions. Thus, enabling them to do their part in the conservation of our oceans.


 14 June 2020 Jake shares some information about the events that will take place on the 16th June 2020

On the 16th June 2020 we urge you to get out on the day and try and spot some whales while you exercise. Meeting at 8.30am for a hike through the Cape Recife Nature Reserve to the lookout fort where the live streaming and hopefully some whale spotting will take place.



16 June 2020  owner of Raggy Charters - Marine-Eco Cruises, Lloyd Edwards Welcomes you to the Festival


The days events included:

Meeting at 8.30am at Pine Lodge Resort and Conference Centre for a hike through the Cape Recife Nature Reserve to the lookout fort where the live-streaming and hopefully some whale spotting will take place, which it certainly did.


Part 1: Celebrate the Arrival of the Whales! Information on why the whales are here now and what these amazing marine mammals are up to. Provided tips on where you can go and spot some whales from shore. 

Click here for the full facebook article.


Part 2: LIVE Stream chat at 9:30am with owner of Raggy Charters - Marine-Eco Cruises, Lloyd Edwards and his operations manager Jake Keeton, with music by Claire Venn from Clarie Venn Music.

With a little camera adjustment the 1st session live was a success, with the excitement of a whale being spotted!

& due to a camera change we had a 2nd session 


Spectacular View from the Fort
The very talented Claire Venn

Part 3: Shared some critical facts about our oceans that are often unknown & Explain the threats to our oceans worldwide, and those that are having the greatest effect in Algoa Bay.
            Shared our current projects that we have undertaken to protect our marine environment. Provide information on what you can do to start making a real difference.  

Click here for the full facebook article.


Part 4: Introduced you to some local individuals and organizations that do amazing things for the marine environment or the city of Port Elizabeth. People from fields of research and conservation, through to education and culture that would have taken part in our special day at Pine Lodge Resort & Conference Centre. (See article below)


Part 5: Shared a video by Dr Julien Benoit, a French Paleontologist currently working at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Julien was to join us on the day to give a very interesting talk on the Evolution of Whales to all visitors to the Festival. As an alternative, Julien kindly put together this video for us to share with you, enjoy! Thank you Julien.



Ending the day with thanks and this footage from a previous trip out into Algoa Bay.  




Our festivals and projects would not be possible without our friends and partners. In the pictures below you will see a series of posters (posted in no particular order) that provide information on a number of people and organizations. Please have a read, familiarize yourself with their projects and offerings. They all deserve all the support that they can get. Visit them as soon as the regulations allow and help them to continue the amazing work that they are doing.

Welcoming the Wales Festival 2020





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